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AH Compact


Apr 2021 - Aug 2022


Albert Heijn


User interview, UI/UX design, Figma

2020, the home delivery is disrupted by new players, while Albert Heijn is investing into its own delivery. AH Compact is a service that aims to deliver a small assortment of product targeting smaller income customers.


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UX Ambition

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Research & Analytics

User research, user interviews, App stores screening and analytics study was an integral part of the process.

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Usability tests feedback

  • Users first look at discounts before to browse through the rest of the assortment.
  • Campaigns/Banners are overlooked. Users are generally not interested in our content
  • Some users are willing to try new products, but the app doesn't highlight any.
  • Both the conversion and the amount of users are stagnating.


  • Hightlight the discounts of the week with larger banners, more engaging
  • Together with the content team, we've adapted the visuals to make them more appealing (MVP)
  • A 'new product' section has been added to the assortiment page. Conversion increased
  • Introduced the 'Invite a friend' feature, including a special discount

From sketches to prototypes

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Transition 2020-2022

The App transitioned from a large to a small palette of color to align with the main brand and support the "simple to use" feeling. Our team also implemented some large features such as 'Invite a friend', a 'Free Product' campaign, new search and filters mechanism, and finally a new homepage to support the App vision.

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  • Increased revenue in 2 years
  • Increased conversion
  • Successful expansion in other cities
  • 5 major features launched and tracked


  • Use of analytics and A/B testing
  • Taking full ownership of an App design
  • Manage a roadmap of features
  • Advocate decisions to stakeholders